UV radiation as a high precision tool

UV radiation is a small area from appr. 100 - 400 nm of the spectrum of electromagnetics waves. Because UV light naturally only appears in very low intensities, artificial UV radiation is used in technology for special chemical and biological processes.

A huge field of activities of UV technology is the photochemical polymerisation of plastics. This UV drying or UV curing called processes are used in a vast number of different applications and processes. Crucial advantages of this technology are an efficient energy balance, a high processing speed and outstanding physical and chemical properties of UV-crosslinked materials.

The key to an efficient use of UV radiation is a sophisticated UV system technology, adapted to the process requirements of the products.

ssr engineering provides a wide field of well-engineered UV systems for virtually all industrial applications. These systems presents crucial process advantages by extraordinary performance and physical properties.

We make UV radiation a tool of remarkable precision!