Selective Lambda Technology

The medium pressure gas discharge lamps used in uv technology convert approximately 25 to 30% of the electrical energy to polymerization effective uv radiation. The remaining about 70% of the input power in heat radiation and visible light. With conventional UV system, the effective UV radiation is always coupled to the heat load caused by infrared radiation. This means, the critical temperature of the substrate is exceeded often, without providing the required UV dose for full curing. Costly cooling, and reduced product quality are often the result of this standard uv technology.

ssr engineering treads with the evo 7 uv system-series in new directions. Through the use of special optical coatings on neutral substrates we mange to decouple the effect of temperature and uv radiation almost completely.
Selective Lambda Technology describes the physical properties of the high performance reflectors used by ssr engineering. As a result, the effective UV dose can be raisd by up to 500%, before the maximum substrate temperatures exceeded.

The ssr reflectors are used in the evo 7 and EVO V3 UV systems and as spare parts for existing systems of the BK and HPS uv system series.