ssr EVO V3ssr EVO V3

High end UV system SSR EVO V3

The UV systems SSR-EVO V3 open a new chapter of UV technology. With effective radiation widths from 600 up to 2500 mm and electrical input power of up to 40 kW, this system technology is the ideal symbiosis of the SSR precision technology and the demands of large-scale industrial applications. Low heat distribution, slective radiation, closed-loop cooling system, mechanical shutter and the lamp drawer system for fast lamp change are just a few unique selling points.
Every UV system is a customised solution and is part of the integrated concept of the production line. This ensures the best cost-benefit ratio.




Technical data:

Electric power: up to 40,000 W
Cooling: Air / water combined
UV lamp specification: up to 300 W/cm
Useful life span: typically 1,000 up to 3,000 h